San Diego Miniature Crafters

March Newsletter

The San Diego Miniature Crafters will hold their March meeting on Tuesday, March 22 at St. Andrews Church in La Mesa, 9:30 AM.

Snacks will be provided by Bobbi Allen and Trudy Rogers.

Show and Tell

Spring is springing, so let’s share those boxes, gardens, house cleaning items etc. along with anything else pertaining to spring.

President’s Message

Isn't March lovely! We are headed into Spring and by the looks of this newsletter, we are happily moving toward finishing up all that we've started and aren't beginning too much new. The 2011 show is finished (we won't mention the 2012 is under way...), bylaws are done for a few years, bank accounts are established, we are truly settled into our new meeting place and by the looks of my notes, we should have a quick easy (knock on wood here) meeting!

If the meeting is quick and easy, you know what that means - lots of time to work on our projects. Bring your club project or your unfinished projects along with your tool box. We'll open the church by 9:30 to get set up, call the meeting at 10:00 and in no time at all we'll be working on our miniatures.

Thank you again to all those who work so hard, many behind the scenes, to help this club be the wonderful success that it is.

We'll see everyone Tuesday.


Bylaws and Standing Rules
Finally, after lots of work, proof reading and voting here are the updated Bylaws and Standing Rules!
(see attached)
If you are receiving this newsletter by email, you will be responsible for printing your own copy of the Bylaws and Standing Rules, only the snail-ettes will be receiving hard copies at the meeting. Original signed copies will be on file with the President, Secretary, Treasurer and Parliamentarian.


The Shadow Box group’s project plans for the year are as follows: Monthly chairmen are needed, so please decide which month you may wish to coordinate.

Steering Chair – Debi

Co-chair Marlene? Leslie?


· Each month Preview the following month.

· Discuss what will be worked on the following meeting

· Do this at the beginning of each meeting.

· Confirm who is in charge the following month

· Get list of what the leader will buy & bring, who is contributing what, and what the group needs to bring individually

· Post notice in newsletter

Monthly Leaders:

September – Diana

· Assemble hutch or embellish chosen focal piece

· Stain will be provided

· If distressing hutch, paint undercoat and clear coat before next meeting

October- Leslie

Finishing techniques, distressing, painting, decorating

· Accessorize finished focal pieces

· Bring trim, crown molding paint - to customize your hutch, if your focal piece is a special chair, you may want to make a little side table or magazine rack to go alongside

November - Open

· Wallcoverings

· Leader will bring wallpaper paste and a variety of wallpaper

· Individuals should bring their own if they have specific preferences

December – Christmas Party

January – Leslie

· Flooring

· Leader will bring cardboard strips, floorboard & crown molding, some paint & stain (ask Diana to bring satin)

· Group will bring own flooring if they prefer something different, paint for molding

· See how many choppers and miter box cutters can be shared

February – Open

· Lighting fixtures

· Make kits for sconce, floor lamp or table lamp with shade (whatever the group chooses the month before)

March - Open

· Flower arrangement

· Make kits for what ever the group chooses - floor or shelf

April - Open

· Picture frames

· Make kits with crown molding

· Bring black & gold paint, Diana can bring stain

· Everyone brings their own picture to frame

· Bring choppers and miter box cutters that can be shared

May – Flea Market

June – June luncheon

· Bring finished shadowboxes for centerpieces!

Be sure all leaders save receipts and turns them in for reimbursement immediately!

***Remember it is reasonable for a leader to buy materials needed to do any monthly project.

The club has set aside $3 per person. This amount is already approved, any higher needs to go for a vote of the membership.

Groups may choose to change one topic if they prefer to have a day to make food from fimo… or they may choose to schedule an additional work day.

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